Washing description

Use the following washing descriptions for our bikini's:

- By chlorid added to water and salt, the bikini fabric can bleach a bit. Always try to wash out chlorid and salt immediately after usage with clean warm water.

- If the bikini is dirty you can wash it by hand in clean warm water with some mild soap.

- Don't let your bikini soak in the soap for too long, just quickly soak it in to the water. Then rinse out your bikini. Never wring the bikini!

- Don't dry your bikini in immediate sunlight, put in on a drying rek or a towel.

- Only if your bikini is completely dried up you can store it back with your other clothes. If your bikini is still wet when you store it, it can shift colour. That's why you should never leave it in a bag or a moist towel.

- A fluorescent (Neon coloured) bikini isn't that colourfast, it will bleach much faster in bright sunlight and chlorid water than other bikini's. The longer you stay in the sun with your bikini the faster the fabric might get bleached, so we can't give any guarantees for bleaching/colour shiftng by sun or chlorid!

Follow up these tips to make your bikini last longer:

- Never put your bikini in the washing machine or dryer. Elasthan is a strech material, that can get damaged by using these machines.

- Never use bleach and don't bring you bikini to the dry cleaner's.

- Don't iron your bikini.

- Don't use stain removers, they are often too aggressive for bikini fabrics.

- Try to stay away from whirlpools, especially a bikini with reflecting material can get damaged by this.

- Avoid immediate contact with sunscreen and oils. These can damage the elastics and give stains on the bikini fabrics. 

- Be extra careful when you're bikini has a wire in it, they can get bended.

- Be careful with your bikini when you are near rough surfaces (walls, rocks, water slides etc.). Because the bikini is made of nylon/lycra, the fabric might unravel.

Complaints due to wrong usage of the bikini won't get taken in consideration.

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