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To place an order, you need to place the product in your shopping bag. You can keep on shopping and order multiple items at once.

To place an order you need to be registered at Shiwi - we need your details to deliver your order.

You can always change what is in the shopping bag, you can change the amounts, colours and sizes or delete a product completely.

We'll ask you to fill in a delivery adress. It is possible to put in a delivery adress that is different then the billing adress, so you can receive the package at another adress. Your package is often small enough to fit through your mailbox, so you don´t always need to stay at home to receive the package. If your package is too large to fit in your mailbox, you need to receive it in person. This is mostly the case then ordering more then three items or specials such as sunglasses, towels and flipflops.

After confirming your adress you go to the payment page. You can choose several payment methods. Payment goes through a safe connection.

After the payment you receive a confirmation email.

With your order number you can track your order process in my account.

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